Sunday, December 26, 2010

What is the meaning of ‘cousin twice removed'? 

In India, anyone who is distantly related to us automatically becomes our cousin. For the native speaker of English, a cousin is someone who has the same grandparents as you. Your first cousin, for example, is your aunt's or uncle's child; the two of you are from the same generation. The word ‘removed' is normally used with cousins to suggest that the two individuals are from different generations. For example, when you say that someone is your ‘cousin, once removed', you mean that there is a generation separating the two of you. Your mother's/father's first cousin can be referred to as your ‘cousin, once removed'. Similarly, your grandparent's cousin will be your ‘cousin, twice removed': there is a difference of two generations between the two of you. This two generation difference equals ‘twice removed'


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