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Effective teaching- The essentials

Effective teaching- The essentials
2009 04 29

Teaching is an art but everyone cannot be a perfect ten artist because some adopt teaching as compulsion rather than choice. Despite this, the fact remains that they are teachers. Once one has adopted teaching as a profession he/she has to understand that it is a profession which affects the generations, the future citizen. It is said that a country is as good as its teachers. Therefore, teacher has an important role to play in the development process of the country. All societies in the world gives teacher supreme place in the society. In our country teacher has been equated with the god. Therefore society expects results from the teachers. Results, in the form of academic achievement, Moral values, citizenship spirit from the taught.
A teacher can change the course of a Country. The teaching in the present world is more challenging than ever. The technological advance has made the world Global villages. The results are now seen in global perspective. The students from different countries compete with each other as the opportunities are wide open to all.
Teacher is a prime factor behind the good and performing student and a teacher is also behind the non performing students. A student's outlook and future can be greatly influenced by teachers. One can see the precedents in the history where Chanakya turned a common boy into one of the great Kings in the form of Chandragupta Maurya. Through non violence Gandhiji made whole nation to fight against British rule in India. Former President Late Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan preferred to be remembered as a teacher. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has inspired and is inspiring millions to dream and to commit themselves to fulfill them.
The parallel of great teachers applies to all teachers. The teacher is meant for good and effective teaching. Effective teaching is that which motivate the learner to learn more. There is not a single rule for effective teaching as it is the teacher who decides how to deal with the situation but still there are certain qualities which can help a teacher to be more effective. Some of these qualities which have been supported by various researches are being listed below.
  1. Passion for teaching- The teacher should have passion for teaching. He/She should feel pride in it.
  2. Communication- A teacher has to be good speaker, listener and communicator. He/She should provide ample opportunities to the students for listening, talking and interacting.
  3. Flexible- A teacher is flexible in terms of the execution of teaching plan and should be able to modify and redesign his/her plan according to learning needs of the students.
  4. Effective leader- A teacher has to be an effective leader as he/she has to lead students from front, from behind and some time by mingling with team.
  5. Sense of humor- A teacher has good sense of humor to release the tension or uneasiness in the class.
  6. Creative- A teacher is ought to be a creative person, open to innovation and should promote creativity and innovation in the students.
  7. Ready to Accept mistakes- The teacher should not believe in the “Aham Brahmasmi”. I am the divine flame approach, so cannot commit mistakes during teaching. He should gracefully admit mistakes as and when pointed out and should be ready to correct them.
  8. Dutiful- Teacher should observe self discipline in completing task on time, has be regular, punctual and should appear organized.
  9. Positive Attitude- The positive attitude of teacher helps in inculcating positive attitude among the students.
  10. Motivated- Teacher has to be energetic, motivated and should know how the students get motivated.
  11. Compassionate- Teacher should share the success and failure of students in a sympathetic manner.
  12. Full of moral values- Teaching is a challenging task and the teacher is normally seen as an Idol by the students. His/Her behavior has definite impact on students. Therefore a teacher should observe high moral values and he/she should appear being observing.
  13. Dependable- The student should have confidence in their teacher. This happens when the teacher appear dependable.
  14. Effective in Intrapersonal relation- A teacher knows how to develop effective intra personal relation so that the acceptance of the teacher among students is permanent and fruitful.
  15. Planned Teaching- A teacher always has a plan for the teaching with an element of flexibility. The teacher should always be clear about the goal, objective, output and outcome of the lessons.
  16. Good Evaluator- A teacher is well versed with various evaluation techniques and use them as and when required. He/She uses evaluation as a diagnostic tool to plan and execute remedial/enrichment measures.
  17. Knowledge of Psychology- A teacher should be well acquainted with the psychological theories. The learning theories, personality traits, learning styles etc.
  18. Always a student- A good teacher is always a good student. He keeps himself/herself updated on the pedagogical issues, learning material, evaluation techniques etc.
  19. Skilled in IT- Technological advances has made learning joyful experience. The teacher should be able to use enormous learning resource available on the internet. He/She should be efficient in developing his/her own multimedia content.
  20. “Think local, act global” approach- The teacher must be aware of the global perspective of education. He/She must be aware of the global trends in his/her field. He/She ought to act in local conditions with global perspective.
Therefore the practicing teacher, aspiring teachers should try to inculcate the essentials for effective teaching for proper job competence. The teacher training institutes and the school organization should devise the means and tools to keep the teachers updated, skilled and effective.

Kuldeep Gairola
State Project Office
Uttarakhand, Dehradun

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