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Historical Events

1311-04-24 - Gen Malik Kafur returns to Delhi after campaign in South India

1329-08-09 - Quilon the first Indian Diocese was erected by Pope John XXII and Jordanus was appointed the first Bishop
1459-05-12 - Sun City India founded by Rao Jodhpur
1497-07-08 - Vasco da Gama departs for trip to India
1498-05-20 - Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama arrives at Calcutta India
1500-03-09 - Pedro Cabral departs with 13 ships to India
1502-02-12 - Vasco da Gama sets sail from Lisbon, Portugal on his second voyage to India.
1509-02-02 - The Battle of Diu takes place near Diu, India, between Portugal and Turkey.
1509-02-03 - The Battle of Diu, between Portugal and the Ottoman Empire takes place in Diu, India.
1542-05-06 - Francis Xavier reaches Old Goa, the capital of Portuguese India at the time.
1556-03-28 - Origin of Fasli Era (India)
1565-01-25 - Battle at Talikota India: Moslems destroy Vijayanagar's army
1575-03-03 - Indian Mughal Emperor Akbar defeats Bengali army at the Battle of Tukaroi.
1597-08-20 - 1st Dutch East India Company ships returned from Far East
1600-12-31 - British East India Company chartered
1601-02-13 - John Lancaster leads 1st East India Company voyage from London
1602-03-20 - United Dutch East Indian Company (VOC) forms
1608-08-24 - 1st English convoy lands at Surat India
1609-03-25 - Henry Hudson embarks on an exploration for Dutch East India Co
1612-08-29 - Battle at Surat India: English fleet beats Portuguese
1614-04-05 - American Indian princess Pocahontas, daughter of chief Powhatan marries English colonist John Rolfe
1621-06-03 - Dutch West India Company receives charter for "New Netherlands" (NY)
1622-03-22 - 1st American Indian (Powhattan) massacre of whites Jamestown Virginia, 347 slain
1633-10-22 - Ming dynasty fight with Dutch East India Company that Battle of southern Fujian sea (1633), Ming dynasty won great victory.
1639-08-22 - Madras (now Chennai), India, is founded by the British East India Company on a sliver of land bought from local Nayak rulers.
1641-01-14 - United East Indian Company conquerors city of Malakka, 7,000 killed
1641-08-26 - West India Company conquerors Sao Paulo de Loanda, Angola
1643-12-25 - Christmas Island founded and named by Captain William Mynors of the East India Ship Company vessel, the Royal Mary.
1658-12-09 - Dutch troops occupy harbor city Quilon (Coilan) India
1668-03-26 - England takes control of Bombay India
1668-03-27 - English king Charles II gives Bombay to East India Company
1690-02-08 - French & Indian troops set Schenectady settlement NY on fire
1690-08-24 - Job Charnock founds Calcutta India
1692-02-29 - Sarah Good & Tituba, an Indian servant, accused of witchcraft, Salem
1699-04-14 - Khalsa: Birth of Khalsa, the brotherhood of the Sikh religion, in Northern India in accordance with the Nanakshahi calendar.
1733-05-29 - The right of Canadians to keep Indian slaves is upheld at Quebec City.
1737-10-07 - 40 foot waves sink 20,000 small craft & kill 300,000 (Bengal, India)
1737-10-11 - Earthquake kills 300,000 and destroys half of Calcutta India
1739-02-24 - Battle of Karnal: The army of Iranian ruler Nadir Shah defeats the forces of the Mughal emperor of India, Muhammad Shah.
1739-03-20 - Nadir Shah occupies Delhi in India and sacks the city, stealing the jewels of the Peacock Throne.
1751-08-31 - English troops under sir Robert Clive occupy Arcot India
1752-06-09 - French army surrenders to the English in Trichinopoly India
1755-04-02 - Commodore William James captures the pirate fortress of Suvarnadurg on west coast of India.
1755-07-09 - Brit Gen E Braddock mortally wounded during French & Indian War
1756-05-17 - Britain declares war on France (7 Years' or French & Indian War)
1756-06-20 - 146 Brit soldiers imprisoned in India-Black Hole of Calcutta-most die
1756-06-20 - India rebels defeat Calcutta on British army
1756-09-08 - French and Indian War: Kittanning Expedition.
1756-12-06 - British troops under Robert Clive occupy Fulta India
1757-01-02 - British troops occupy Calcutta India
1757-11-05 - Battle at Rossbach (7 year war/French & Indian War)
1758-05-21 - Mary Campbell is abducted from her home in Pennsylvania by Lenape during the French and Indian War.
1759-04-08 - British troops chase French out of Masulipatam India
1760-01-22 - Battle at Wandewash India: British troops beat French
1761-01-07 - Battle at Panipat India: Afghan army beats Mahratten
1761-01-16 - The British capture Pondicherry, India from the French.
1764-11-09 - Mary Campbell, a captive of the Lenape during the French and Indian War, is turned over to forces commanded by Colonel Henry Bouquet.
1767-09-28 - Gentlemen 17 forbid private slave transport India to Cape of Good Hope
1772-02-12 - Yves de Kerguelen of France discovers Kerguelen Archipelago, India
1773-10-14 - American Revolutionary War: The United Kingdom's East India Company tea ships' cargo are burned at Annapolis, Maryland.
1783-04-09 - Tippu Sahib drives out English from Bednore India
1786-02-24 - Charles Cornwallis appointed governor-general of India
1795-03-11 - Battle at Kurdla India: Mahratten beat Mogols
1796-04-13 - 1st elephant arrives in US from India
1798-09-01 - England signs treaty with nizam of Hyderabad, India
1800-07-10 - The British Indian Government establishes the Fort William College to promote Urdu, Hindi and other vernaculars of sub continent.
1803-02-27 - Great fire in Bombay, India
1803-09-23 - Battle of Assaye-British-Indian forces beat Maratha Army
1806-07-10 - The Vellore Mutiny is the first instance of a mutiny by Indian sepoys against the British East India Company.
1818-06-03 - Maratha Wars between British & Maratha Confederacy in India ends
1829-12-04 - Britain abolished "suttee" in India (widow burning herself to death on her husband's funeral pyre
1835-02-24 - Siwinowe Kesibwi (Shawnee Sun) is 1st Indian lang monthly mag
1838-11-03 - The Times of India, the world's largest circulated English language daily broadsheet newspaper is founded as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce.
1839-01-10 - Tea from India 1st arrives in UK
1839-01-19 - Aden conquered by British East India Company
1839-11-25 - A cyclone slams India with high winds and a 40 foot storm surge, destroying the port city of Coringa (never to be entirely rebuilt again). The storm wave sweeps inland, taking with it 20,000 ships and thousands of people. An estimated 300,000 deaths result from the disaster.
1842-01-06 - 4,500 British & Indian troops leave Kabul, massacred before India
1846-01-28 - Battle of Allwal, Brits beat Sikhs in Punjab (India)
1846-02-10 - British defeat Sikhs in battle of Sobraon, India
1846-02-16 - Battle of Sobraon ends 1st Sikh War in India
1849-03-29 - Britain formally annexs Punjab after defeat of Sikhs in India
1851-12-22 - The first freight train is operated in Roorkee, India.
1853-04-16 - The first passenger rail opens in India, from Bori Bunder, Bombay to Thane.
1857-05-10 - Indian Mutiny begins with revolt of Sepoys of Meerut
1858-07-28 - William Herschel of the Indian Civil Service in India
1858-08-02 - Government of India transferred from East India Company to Crown
1859-02-10 - Gen Horsford defeats Begum of Oude & Nana Sahib in Indian mutiny
1865-11-11 - Treaty of Sinchula is signed in which Bhutan ceded the areas east of the Teesta River to the British East India Company.
1866-06-11 - The Allahabad High Court (then Agra High Court) is established in India.
1868-04-13 - Abyssinian War ends as British and Indian troops capture Magdala.
1870-09-08 - Neth & Engl sign "Koelietraktaat" Br-Indian contract work in Suriname
1876-10-31 - A monster cyclone ravages India, resulting in over 200,000 human deaths.
1877-01-01 - England's Queen Victoria proclaimed empress of India
1879-05-14 - The first group of 463 Indian indentured labourers arrive in Fiji aboard the Leonidas.
1882-06-06 - Cyclone in Arabian Sea (Bombay India) drowns 100,000
1884-09-26 - Suriname army shoots on British-Indian contract workers, 7 killed
1888-04-20 - 246 reported killed by hail in Moradabad, India
1888-12-18 - Richard Wetherill and his brother in-law discover the ancient Indian ruins of Mesa Verde.
1889-03-23 - The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was established by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in Qadian India.
1891-09-18 - Harriet Maxwell Converse is 1st white woman to become an Indian chief

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