Saturday, May 25, 2013


  • Nephew – son of one's brother/sister (and his/her spouse).
  • Niece – daughter of one's sister/brother (and her/his spouse).
  • Half-nephew – son of one's half-brother/half-sister.
  • Half-niece – daughter of one's half-brother/half-sister.
  • Nephew-in-law – son of one's sister-in-law/brother-in-law; husband of one's niece.
  • Niece-in-law – daughter of one's sister-in-law/brother-in-law; wife of one's nephew.
  • Step-nephew – son of one's stepbrother/sister, or stepson of one's brother/sister, or stepson of one's stepbrother/stepsister.
  • Step-niece – daughter of one's stepbrother/sister, or stepdaughter of one's brother/sister, or stepdaughter of one's stepbrother/stepsister.
  • Half-nephew-in-law – son of one's wife/husband's half-brother/half-sister; husband of one's half-niece
  • Half-niece-in-law – daughter of one's wife/husband's half-brother/half-sister; wife of one's half-nephew
  • Step-niece-in-law – daughter of one's wife/husband's stepbrother/stepsister; wife of one's step-nephew
  • Step-nephew-in-law – son of one's wife/husband's stepbrother/stepsister; husband of one's step-niece
  • Great-nephew – son of one's nephew/niece, grandson of one's sister/brother.
  • Great-niece – daughter of one's nephew/niece, granddaughter of one's sister/brother.
  • Half-great-nephew – son of one's half-nephew/niece.
  • Half-great-niece – daughter of one's half-nephew/niece.

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